This I Believe

Marshall - Louisville, Colorado
Entered on November 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe in the Lorca

I believe in a not so mystical creature called the Lorca. You have probably never seen it nor read about it, and neither have I. But I still like to think the Lorca, somewhere, somehow, is listening to the song My Sharona. It is a most nonsensical creature, whose nature makes it improbable according to science and religion, but I believe there must be one somewhere. The Lorca looks very much like an orca, but a Lorca is never seen in the ocean. Lorcas have no legs and cannot move on the land on which it lives, but it loves a good rhythm and they appear seemingly out of the ground to listen to a song it likes.

This, according to popular opinion, is a creature that cannot exist, after all scientific understanding clashes with the Lorca being able to survive long for it cannot catch prey so far from the water. But nevertheless I have faith that the Lorca is beating his great tail in time with a catchy tune somewhere. I may never have seen or read about the Lorca, but I have written him into existence, last National Novel Writing Month to be precise..

I believe in the Lorca because I believe that not everything is necessarily explainable at any given time, what flies in the face of current understanding today will be the latest great discovery tomorrow and old hat by next week. Perhaps one day someone will find the Lorca I know is out there, his existence will be challenged, then proved, and he will become recognized as one of the many creatures of the planet. The Lorca is an unusual creature with a taste for good music and loves sitting in an open field in the sunshine, and I hope one day he will be given status as one of the world’s more lovable creatures. I believe not just that the Lorca exists or that it is an interesting creature, I believe in the Lorca.