This I Believe

Jonathan - Huntsville, Alabama
Entered on November 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Be the Best

I believe in determination, dedication, and hard work. I believe that anybody can do whatever they put there mind to as long as they have a reasonable talent for it. This means that you can work hard enough for whatever you want to be. I think everybody is meant to live to be better than just average. However, there have been countless times when I have seen people who didn’t take advantage of the opportunities they had. I think with enough perseverance anything can happen.

One of the most profound statements of dedication and determination in my life came from my Mom. I have never personally seen anybody as gritty as she is. She will never quit, and if you tell her she can’t do something, she’ll go ahead and do it just to prove you wrong. The only thing she has going against her is migraines. She probably has the absolute worst case of migraines in the world. The types of migraines I’m talking about are the kinds that send you to the hospital. When I was about 11 years old my Mom decided to go back to college to get her Masters degree. She did this knowing that if she went her migraines would severely worsen. She works in a job field where having an advanced degree yields respect. Knowing her, if there is anything in this life that she wants more of, it is respect. She went on to get her Masters degree and did so with flying colors. She didn’t stop there and finished up 4 years later with a PhD. Despite numerous trips to the hospital with excruciatingly painful migraines she was able to grind through and achieve more than she had originally planned.

I think people should not be satisfied with being average or mediocre. Imagine what the world could accomplish if we all could just give that second effort. Imagine how good it would feel to know that you gave it your all. We only have a limited time here on earth; why not make the best of it?