I believe in my cats.

Mary - Delaware, Ohio
Entered on November 3, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I have five cats—Sadie, Paige, Rosie, Peanut and Chrystal. Sadie and Paige are the only true siblings; but all five more or less get along and each has made him- or herself an important member of the household.

I’ve had Sadie and Paige the longest: After my aunt Carol’s cat Twinkie died in November of 2005, my house suddenly felt very empty and lonely. I mentioned this to some of my coworkers at the newspaper, and they called me at home one day and said they had just taken a Classified Ad for Free Kittens and would I be interested in two? Two? I had to think about that. I thought for about two seconds, then had somebody go pick them up for me.

Six months later, a coworker needed to find a new home for her Calico, so I acquired Rosie. Just two months after that, Peanut moved in. Two days after that, I got Chrystal.

“Cats are so lucky they’re cute!” I’ve reminded myself of this many times—especially when I see a new pile of toilet paper confetti that Chrystal has created in the living room. Or when I have to pay a startlingly high vet bill, or when I notice that their cat food costs more than what I eat…

But my cats provide real pleasure. Luckily for me, none of my cats is aloof or independent; they all love my attention and affection. Rosie cannot pass without rubbing against my leg. Paige has decided that she should be the one to sleep in my bed with me. Peanut and Sadie love to sit on my lap and be petted. And Chrystal keeps our household exciting with her kittenish antics, since I never know what to expect from her next.

The cats are great for cheering me up when I’m disappointed or distressed. Working at a newspaper, things don’t always turn out the way I hope. I get upset, but luckily for my blood pressure, they manage to take my mind off things and calm me down. One thing I really enjoy and look forward to every year is working at the newspaper’s booth one day during the county fair. It’s so much fun for me that I begin anticipating it months in advance. This year, I looked forward to it eagerly and made arrangements for the bus. That morning I went out to my driveway a whole hour early to wait—and still managed to miss it. Oh, I was so angry and disappointed! “Darn, darn, darn!” I yelled and went back into the house.

My cats were waiting for me at the door.They acted as if my coming home early was the best surprise they had ever gotten in their whole lives! Chrystal did a perfect somersault on the carpet when she saw me; and Peanut threw his body down on the floor for a quick belly rub, while Paige, Sadie and Rosie anxiously awaited their turns!