This I Believe

Jamie - Lexington, South Carolina
Entered on November 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: illness

Some people say “life is fair,” but I believe this is a false statement. Life is not fair. Have you ever had something happen to you or someone you know, and what happened was not deserved, and therefore, unfair? I have.

My brother Justin is 15 years old, and a completely faithful Christian. He has gone to M*** H*** United Methodist Church the past four years, and has a very strong belief in God. He is a freshman at L*** High School and played football for our “B” team. Although the “B” team is not the main team at our school, that team meant everything to him.

Just as life began to be great for him the morning of October 7th came. I awoke early that Sunday morning, about 3 am. I awoke to my parents screaming at my brother. He had locked himself in the bathroom, was vomiting blood, and was too weak to answer my parents’ desperate cries. From October 7th to October 11th were the longest most painstaking days of my life. What was wrong with Justin? Is he okay? Is he going to be okay? I didn’t know the answer; I was scared out of my mind. On Thursday, October 11th my family found out something that would change our lives forever.

My little brother had been diagnosed with a possibly fatal disease that about 2-6 people out of every million are diagnosed with each year: Aplastic Anemia. Since his diagnosis, he has had quite a few bone marrow samples taken and numerous blood and platelet transfusions, but since they could not find a bone marrow match he will have an even more risky process of treatment. This treatment is known as immunosuppressives, or ATG therapy. Some of the common risks of this treatment are organ failure, cancer, Acoma, and even death. For now, my family must stay strong and try to work through this risky process together. It will be a very ling, bumpy road, but I have faith that we can do it, as long as we stick together.

Life is not fair, look at those in unfortunate situations. Life being fair is a huge misconception in most of our eyes because we are very fortunate. I believe that life is not fair. If life was fair, my family would not be having these problems, and my brother would not be sick. If life was fair, he would get what he deserves, to be a happy, healthy teenage boy, not a child diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease. This I believe.