This I Believe

David Ruhlman - Madison, Alabama
Entered on November 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

For the majority of my life, I have been searching for the key to women’s hearts. I don’t think I will ever figure out the opposite sex, but the quest for answers may be as exciting as actually finding them. I have always gotten along well with women. I don’t get nervous or tongue tied, but instead I speak with ease and act as if they were any other person.

My only weakness seems to be my over-attachment to women I care about. Not quite an obsession, but more than a hobby, my relationships seem more of a one sided fixation than a mutual passion. I normally take the backseat to her friends and pretend everything is fine, just so she will be happy.

Money is not an issue to me. I feel that buying flowers, jewelry, and other expensive things gives me a better chance of keeping a so-called “soul mate.” I occasionally look back at previous relationships and try to calculate a total that I have wasted on my exes.

At one point in my life, I met a girl whom I fell in love with. We dated for about a year, but broke up because of a religious argument. (She is Mormon and I am Catholic.) She was everything I could ask for. I never worried about anything, but instead we thrived on each other. Looking back, she was the only person that has ever listened to what I had to say. She was the only person that I spent my time thinking about the present, instead of what would happen in the future.

Every time I see her, I give her a hug, smell her hair, and think about what would’ve happened if we would’ve stayed together. Maybe I think of relationships too much of a science as opposed to just living in the moment, but hopefully I will find true love in a woman that respects me for who I am, and is proud to show me off to her friends.

Relationships are strange things. I’m not perfect, but I believe someday I can find that special someone whether it is my own doing, or fate.