This I Believe

Neil - Huntsville, Alabama
Entered on November 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in a persistent attitude and staying focused to achieve what you desire. Nearing the end of my senior year with everyone around me hearing back form their schools of choice, I was left unsatisfied with my applications. After visiting and committing to a D3 school, then realizing it wasn’t the correct fit for me. I revoked my commitment. Receiving pressure from my coach to play for a junior team in New England not far from my prep school, because he’s familiar with the situation and knows the coach. I was frantically searching for options and making calls to several junior teams hoping for a tryout invitation. As it turned out, it was near impossible because of the situation I was in the previous two seasons left me at a disadvantage for this path. I realized I wanted to continue my hockey career without discontinuing my education. My goal was to be given the opportunity to play the most competitive hockey I could without breaking stride and receiving the best education while finding the right fit for my potential. I was losing faith and I really didn’t want to go just anywhere. I was receiving incredible support from my family not to give up on what I wanted to achieve and it would all work out in the end. I had to stay focused and be persistent on my contacts to receive the opportunity I was looking for. I finally saw an opportunity for a school that would satisfy both of those criteria but there was much work to be done to receive the opportunity. Once I got a hold of the new coach for the team I immediately initiated contact. I created a highlight video of my past seasons to convince him I deserved the opportunity. I had several of my other coaches and scouts that had been in contact with me recently communicate with him. I pushed a constant stream of communication between the new coach and myself so he wouldn’t question or forget what my goals were. Once I was accepted, I immediately communicated my commitment to the university and that I was going to attend there in the fall. With the persistent attitude and support of my family I received the opportunity that I was yearning for.