This I Believe

Ashley - Huntsville,, Alabama
Entered on November 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

This I Believe

I believe in photography. Why do I love photography? Amazing a question with only five words would conjure such an expansive answer. In short, I love photography because it allows one to capture the truth. Unlike painting, drawing, or sculpture, where one sees then uses the mind to recreate the image perceived, photography captures the true image, without the binds of one’s own mind in which the mind could morph and change what it sees. I appreciate other forms of art and the way human minds are able to see and perceive differently; however, photography holds harbor in my heart because even in the simplest form, it can only tell the truth.

In coming of age, so to speak, in my experience with a camera I’ve come to prefer human subjects put among inorganic backdrops, be it buildings, concrete, etc;. People fascinate me, and many other photographers for obvious reasons. People possess a quality that enables the work to convey the desired message so with distinct clarity. My personal fascination with people placed upon the inanimate world stems from my early photography days in which I only photographed things that were totally devoid of humanity, like pipes, drains, and other assorted oddly shaped devices. Human interaction with the inhuman, when perfectly candid, is one of the most beautiful things to capture in my opinion.

I’d like to think that my work is distinctive. I would like to imagine my compositions, the angles in which I shoot negatives, my subject matter, and my messages are all definitely my own. I try to get down to the candid subject, but almost in a developed environment. You set your subject in the scene you desire, but leave the moment, the message, to them. The defining moment in my photographs is comfort. When a subject is comfortable, the photograph is mine. I desire to find the center in every subject, to find the truth. However, I leave the ultimate interpretation.

to the viewer. I want my work to be distinct enough to be mine, but open-ended enough for the viewer to place his or her own idea under the frame.

There are many things in life that are malleable by man and personal agenda. Growing up I have found the most defining character of things is that change their only constant. With photography I know as long I take care of my images, they will remain a perfect truth to the moment I captured I believe in photography. I believe in the truth it provides.