This I Believe

Lauren - Florence, Alabama
Entered on November 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

My dad works for the Tennesse Valley Authority which gives him great oppotunities for travel. He has been to Russia, Newport, Indiana, and even helped with space shuttle Columbia recovery in Texas. During one of his trips he spent a month in Newport, Indiana and lived in Terre Haute, a few miles away. This was during the time that Timothy McVeigh was inprisoned and executed in the jail in Terre Haute. Timothy McVeigh, one of the main organizers in the Oklahoma City Municipal Building bombing, killed 168 people. The Oklahoma City Municipal Building bombing is the second largest act of terrorism, the first being September 11th.

I believe that Timothy McVeigh was a horrible person and should most definatly have been killed. I believe in capital punshment, though a lot of christians don’t. Most believe so because they believe the Bible teaches to not kill when in all actuallity it teaches to not murder. Murder and killing

are far from the same thing. On wednesday nights, my church studyies the book of Ezra, which is about the Isrealites’ captivity in Babylon and their adventures in the Promised Land. What sparked my interest in the Bible’s view of capital punishment was that toward the end of the book God told the Isrealites to kill all of the Babylonians in the Promised Land because they didn’t believe in God and were pulling the Isrealites away from God. To me, that’s the same thing as capital punishment, someone being killed for a sin they have committed.

I don’t look at capital punishment as murder, I look at it as a person’s sin killing them as opposed to the judge that sentences them to die or the person that flips the switch on the electric chair.