This I Believe

Dax - Huntsville, Alabama
Entered on November 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love, respect

Our Society uses the word hero in many different ways. Whether it is a Superman or Spiderman saving the world, or a doctor or nurse saving a life, heroes can be defines by superpowers, talent, work ethics, or simply a caring heart. I define hero as someone who is always there thinking of others rather than thinking of themselves. Hero means someone who is willing to go against the odds for the greater good of people and the environment around them. My definition of hero portrays the image of my older sister, Mital Modi.

Ever since growing up, I have admired my sister. She has always been motivated to achieve something extraordinary in her life whether it was running track, ranking number one in her class, being officer of an organization, or moving to the next level of corporate world. She always has a positive attitude towards everything ranging from work to family including both cultures of India and America. Although she has lived in America for 9 years, she has not forgotten her cultural roots and it makes me looks up to her.

My sister has a very loving and caring heart. Even though she has a busy schedule, Mital is always looking out for me and willing to sit down with me to talk when I feel down. Sometimes when I don’t do something right or if I make a mistake, she does not yell at me, but rather she helps me to understand what I did wrong and how I can fix it. Unlike my other sisters, Mital acts more like my friend and sister rather than my mother. Even though I have hearing challenge, she treats me like a normal person rather than handicapped person. She always helps me with my homework, school paperwork, and career related topics when needed. She lets me make mistakes so I can understand what I did wrong and how I can work it out to make myself better.

Along with being a great sister, she is highly active in the school and community leadership. She always volunteers her time to the Huntsville India Association organizing cultural events along with helping the Salvation Army collect donations. She always supported UAH clubs and organization activities through being president of the Student Government Association. Students, Faculty, and Administration always admired her hard work and courage to make university a better place. Today, she works as an Aerospace Engineer with NASA and she also owns a very successful E-Commerce business in where she teaches others to be successful as well. Due to the environment she associates with, I know that I can always count on a good and positive attitude from her. She has even helped me to associate with the proper environment and that’s why today, I can proudly say that I am a better person. I love her very much for all of the help that she has given and will give me in the future.