This I Believe

Lonnie - Hillsville, Virginia
Entered on November 3, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

Is there a God? The answer depends on whom you’re asking. As a young man in my late teens I would have agreed that there probably is not a God. But that would change.

Now “This I Believe”. That there “is” a God. My mind (which probably is not as evolved as the atheist), can not fathom how big God is, or where He came from. But even more so, I can not fathom how there could “not” be a God.

With all the Ford cars and trucks on the road, that’s pretty strong evidence that there “is” a Ford factory some where. It’s just as easy (for me) to believe that Ford trucks evolved on their own, as it is to believe that these incredible human machines evolved on “their” own. Not to mention the millions of other complex forms of life.

There’s one thing I have observed clearly for a good many years. I have concluded that “no amount of evidence” will ever make a believer out of you.

The genius’s have proven that to me. While they study the intricate details of complex forms of life, and then (as if someone knocked out half their brains ) they insanely declare that it all came to pass through millions and billions of years of Godless evolution.

Bottom line, it’s humanly impossible to believe in God. The only thing that will ever make a believer out of you, is a spiritual eye opening touch of amazing grace from God Himself. That’s the “only” way. And you should pray for that. It worked for me