This I Believe

Kaitlyn - USA
Entered on November 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Love is Free

I believe that everyone has the right to love whomever they want. I believe love that love is free. Freedom to love is being free. Whether they are a boy or a girl black or white. Yes I believe gays have the right to be able to marry each other. George Bush and all of the other people who have banned gay marriages should think a little. Would they want to be alone just because they are a little different? If they had different sexual attractions would they think the same way?

Not everyone can have the same attractions and no one should. It isn’t right to keep us from the ones we love and feel attracted to. That is no ones fault. If straight people can get married than what is the difference? We all are meant to love one another even if it is a little odd. I also believe that people from different religions, cultures, and race should be able to love each other. We cannot help whom we love even if our parents do not approve. We should live the way we want to and need to.

One day in middle school I was decorating my binder during lunch. I was and am obsessed with the musical RENT. People only know that it is about gay or “queer’ people. I know that it is more than that, only other people don’t think so. A disturbed boy stared at my binder in disbelief. He said that anyone who watched that movie is gay as well. I was shocked and dumfounded that he said that since I don’t care who people love. I felt as if my heart was split in two. I told him that RENT is about much more than about gays. It is about life itself, which you should love, which you want. Since you never know when your life might end. “No day but today” is a statement I stand by. If there was no day but today to love someone then wouldn’t you? I would for sure. That boy helped me strengthen my belief even more than I did when I first watched RENT. That boy challenged me and made me realize that the message in that movie is right. They believed in what they wanted so they could live life to the fullest.

The fiddler on the of has the same details. There is a matchmaker and the girls cannot marry who they love. The girls parents do not agree with who they love. Otherwise they would not get married at all.

There are two rules that govern my belief. One, always love, never hate. Two, it is ok to be attracted to someone who is the same, or different than you by race, gender, religion, class and anything between.

My belief influenced me by saying if I love someone I am not supposed to I can feel ok about it. I will stick up for people who are gay and want to get married I think it is ok. Love is blind.