This I Believe

diana - Prairie Lea, Texas
Entered on November 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

The Guilt of Kindness

Have there been people in your life that have sacrificed their wants and needs for you? Sometimes, never expecting anything in return? In certain occasions the receiver of the gift of kindness never realizes that a bit of love should be returned. When someone goes out of their way to help another individual in the world, it is obvious that they deserve kindness in return. I am the beneficiary of such gifts. However, I never realized how many individuals helped me climb the huge stairway to success.

I am the oldest, out of three girls in my family and the daughter of two individuals who have treasured me unconditionally, my parents. I am a person who believes in success and in triumph. I believe I have the initiative to be an outstanding individual in this country. For that reason I try my hardest to reach my goal. Since the day I entered high school, I promised myself that on my graduation I would stand on stage and say the valedictorian speech. Never imagining that the package also required, responsibility, determination, and many sleepless nights. I also have participated in sports, UIL academics, and other time consuming things. These things all required training (after school), several weekends, and in certain circumstances MONEY. After all my success people sometimes don’t see the way things really are. The thing is that to achieve success it takes more than one individual.

At school, I am known as an organized, amiable, overachiever but at home I am sometimes all the opposite. I am a person with multiple personalities. Some even say I have a voice for every personality. I am to the fullest extent positive that each of those personalities makes me who I am but in reality it also makes me doubt who I am in reality. I did not know the answer to that until a couple of weeks ago, when I went through the toughest eye opener, ever. I received a letter from the People to People Student Ambassador program saying I had been nominated to be a student ambassador. This group gives certain students the opportunity to travel to another place in the world representing the United States. The program that was presented to me was called “Exploring European Cultures.” This was something I really want to do. The next day I received a message from God telling me to go. I submitted an application, which was attached to a million prayers. I have been accepted and now I am trying to raise $6,000, to pay for tuition. Now numerous people are helping me reach my goal. My mother stays up late in to the night helping me raise money and I sometimes I repay her by having a bad attitude. In a way she understands and knows that this is something that will be of great benefit towards achieving my goal.

I believe many people sacrifice themselves for the person they love, for that reason I believe in unconditional Love.