Bad Days

Kristina - 29693, South Carolina
Entered on November 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

My life has always been great. It was perfect and I thought nothing could go wrong. April 26, 2007, a very close friend of mine committed suicide. I heard through some friends that a middle school kid died. I didn’t really think much about it, until they mentioned his name. It was shocking a very frightening, hearing what had happened. I didn’t now what to do or what to think. Not only was he a good friend of mine but a great friend to my brother. Watching my brother as he bust into tears made me cry and wonder if he was going to be ok.

I didn’t think that my day could get any worse, or that it could get any better. However, it continued to get worse. As my brother’s depression built up, he then began to talk about committing suicide. He started cutting his wrists and saying stupid things about suicide. It worried me because I’ve never seen him like this. I didn’t know what to do about it. Should I tell someone or try to talk to him myself, I’m the only person he listens to anyway. I couple days passed and he managed to get through it without hurting himself. I always thought that I would never be able to get over this, or that life could not go on without this person, but it did. I finally realized, after a couple days of thinking, that he was in a better place and that everything would be all right.

People go through these situations everyday, and manage to keep a smile on their face. When I go through hard times, I think the worst of everything. Now, I know to keep my head high because there are people worse off than me. I think of the people who live under bridges or in cars, but smile at you every time you walk by. They live for tomorrow and not the bad outcomes in life. It’s amazing how they always smile through the worst of troubles. 31.1 million homeless people go through this everyday, but they never show how they feel. They go through life living to their full potential; no matter how bad their life may be they live for tomorrow and not the bad times of today.

This is what helped me realize life does go on, and it can only get better. I will only get worse if you allow it to. When you wake up every morning you decide how your day is going to go, what kind of mood you will be in, and whether or not you have a good or bad day. So don’t let anything get you down, life will only get better as you get older. No matter what happens, the next day will always be better. So try to think the best of thoughts that you can, “Life is too short to worry about the bad times throughout your lifetime.”