This I Believe

Nicholas - Riverside, California
Entered on November 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


I believe in exercise. I love the feeling after you exercise, you feel strong and powerful. It’s great to know and feel that you are in good health. Sometimes I wish I could just peal kids off their computers and video games for a couple of hours and put them on a bicycle instead.

I also wish that sitting down on the couch and watching t.v. wasn’t so important to everyone. Why can’t it be like when my dad was a kid, and was outside with every kid in town riding bikes together until it was dark outside?

I know some of my best memories will be of riding bikes and hanging out with my brother and other friends in the neighborhood. We all get on our bikes go to these dirt jumps right by our house. There is a whole group of us and we can spend hours at a time having fun and not being lazy inside the house.

I also ride motorcycles for exercise. I’ve found out you have to be in pretty good shape to have the endurance to ride a motorcycle for a long period of time. Knowing this motives me to stay in shape by staying active and not being a couch potato all the time.

If every kid could unite together and just go ride their skateboard or bike together instead of playing video games I think they would find out it is 10 times more fun than playing video games. At the same time you are getting exercise.

It’s not hard to do. It also can be fun. That is why I believe in exercise.