This I Believe

Ian - Geyserville, California
Entered on November 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

Nature’s Power to Heal

The cool creek trickles softly around the rocks, cascades down small waterfalls, and ripples in the warm shallows, weaving its way through the valley. Gnarled roots knob out of the ground and lush moss coats the worn rocks. A lark gives a cheerful call, getting a faraway answer as the gentle afternoon breeze rustles leaves in the canopy. The sun’s soothing rays penetrate deep into the surrounding wood, shedding dappled light on a handful of deer grazing in tranquility. I believe that all of these things in nature have a profound power to heal.

I believe that nature has the great power to calm. One late summer afternoon, I became extremely frustrated while trying to construct a miniature house of scrap wood. I re-measured every side and angle, but an elusive error was preventing the roof from fitting nicely on the walls. To cool off, I decided to take a walk along the ridge on my property, overlooking the whole valley. When I reached the summit, it felt as if the light wind that ruffled my hair and rippled the grass was carrying off all my anger. I felt completely relaxed and at peace with myself. It was this defining moment that made me aware of the simple yet powerful calming effects of nature.

I believe in nature’s miraculous power to rejuvenate the body and mind. After my exhausting eighth grade school year, my family took a trip to the quiet Hawaiian island of Molokai. That exhausting year had taken its toll, wearing me down bit by bit. But the moment that I set foot on the volcanic soil of my favorite Hawaiian island, it was like being reborn. I was filled with energy and excitement. The sands, waves, palms, and the island’s atmosphere renewed my spirits. This manifested to me the power of nature to rejuvenate was very real and very strong. All it took to completely bring me right back up to speed after months of putting forth great, tiring efforts was the glory, beauty, and relaxed feel of the tropics.

I believe that nature has the ability to bring joy to those it surrounds. One hot and lazy summer afternoon, I was walking down my creek. I was feeling bored for a while, until I began to notice the wonders around me. Crawdads battling in their watery world, a squirrel leaping deftly from branch to branch, and vines patiently climbing rocks and trees, caught my attention. Soon, I found myself feeling very glad to be alive. Nature’s wonders had brightened my day. It was the awe I experienced when I saw the complexity and simplicity of nature that raised my spirits. I am involved in so many aspects of my life, while each living thing I observed was involved in so many aspects of its life. It made me feel proud, knowing that I was a part of that wonderful environment. It was also inspiring to realize the scale of these things.

The awareness of nature’s great powers to calm, rejuvenate, and invoke happiness is widespread. Because it possesses such profound powers, nature must be protected. It is crucial to preserve the powerful beauty of nature so that others may benefit from it.