The Sharp

Connor - Wayzata, Minnesota
Entered on November 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that Sharpies (the pens) are bittersweet. Sharpies can man handle you like nobodies business yet caress your every need to perfection. Sharpies come in many shapes sizes, and any color you need. And they’re always there whenever you need a friendly helping hand. Sharpies can give you the confidence to write that dirty little secret on the stall in the bathroom, or give your project that extra hmmmm, yeah you know what I’m talkin’ about. I believe that no other pen/writing utensil can stand up to the Sharpy. Sharpies can be a lot to handle, so you really gotta’ step up your game when handling one of these fine hand crafted mark-making utensils. Now I’m a big fan of doodling, and I used to just doodle with any old thing but then I saw this cold, abandoned writing utensil just lying on the ground beside me. I was befuddled, maudlin, addled, muddled, muffled, even slaphappy. So I reached down to pick it up and to my surprise it’s a Sharpy. So I threw it in ye old knapsack and was on my way. Then a couple days later I was fishin’ around looking for a writing utensil when I feel and unfamiliar object so I grab it and what do you know it’s a Sharpy, so I go to put it back but I hesitate, and think what the hay why not give her a shot (pens are always females cause they know how to tickle that right spot but can really get you all steamed up and flustered) and I start writing and all of the sudden it something feels amazing, like in my stomach and I cant control myself and the pen strokes are so smooth and so free flowing and easy it kills me. So now I’m making amazing doodles with my new Sharpy pen while everybody else is stuck drawing lame action figures from a lame TV show. I’ve been sober, from crappy pens, every pen that’s not a Sharpy basically, for about two and a half years now and well, I gotta’ tell yeah, it feels pretty darn not good, prit-teeee darn good. I believe every single person, young, old rich, poor, black, albino, should have at least twenty Sharpies, and in at least five different colors. I believe Sharpies are bittersweet, but the greatest writing utensil ever invented and maybe the greatest invention in mankind…