This I Believe: That Everyone Should Go Commando

Martha - Plymouth, Minnesota
Entered on November 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I have found in the past few years that there is no real need for underwear.

To begin, we spend way too much money on clothing that we don’t need, especially things we don’t even see when fully clothed. So, to spend less money on unnecessary items, don’t wear underwear. Many large companies make billions of dollars simply on way over-priced underwear. This idea of everyone going commando all of the time would soon become a normal idea if a few more people at a time would do this. Pretty soon the world would be panty-less and much richer.

A panty-less world would become more comfortable in outfits of all kinds. There would be no worry about unsightly pant-lines. Wedgies would be gone forever!!! We wouldn’t need to worry about finding pretty or even comfortable underwear anymore. Our communities would become a beautiful, panty-less society with one less thing to worry about wearing. We would never have to see granny-panties, boxers, and man (or woman) thongs: just a smooth sweep all the way down the leg with no interruptions.

Once the world became accustomed to going without underwear all of the time, we could spend our saved money on important things. We would all be able to donate more to people needier. Or we could take mission trips to other countries stressing the importance of not wearing underwear. All in all, we could be saving the world from millions of dollars of wasted money!

Everyone knows that underwear is made out of many different materials. Just a few include cotton, spandex, and lace. If we stopped buying and wearing underwear, we could use these products to make more useful, visible pieces of clothing. The sweat shops that these panties are made in could be changed into factories for real clothing, in turn, allowing workers to earn minimum wage for all of the hard work that they do.

If all people go commando, we would save money, look more sleek and put-together, and feel comfortable all the time. So raid every closet and burn that underwear.