Just Breath and Keep Breathing

Jenny - Washington
Entered on November 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe when you stop seeking love, love will seek you. I believe that when you least expect it, your best friends will pop up and surprise you in just the way you needed. I believe that when you take a moment to pause and breath, you will find that someone has been waiting for that pause and waiting to help you get going again. I believe love is amazing.

When the final bell rang it marked the end of the school year and beginning of summer, relief and anxiety ran over me. What would the vacation bring me? And 9th grade, what would happen then?

July went by slowly; loneliness can have that affect on time. I took the month to relax and without even knowing it July became my pause, my moment to breath. August 1st finally came, and my family packed the car and left for Whistler.

Suddenly, time decided to just whiz by! My four days in Whistler were the most magical days I’ve experienced in a long time. Days that started at sunrise and ended reluctantly. My someone had at last found me, and he helped me out of my funk. We had so little time together, but we made the most of it. He led me to find the new attitude towards life that I desperately needed. He showed me what it felt to be accepted just by being me. This new and improved Jenny was what I took with me to the first day of 9th grade.

Within the first two weeks of school I already had a sense of love flowing around me. This wasn’t my Whistler Sweetheart kind of love, but the love you receive from your true friends. We all clicked instantly, I knew right away that I would give my heart and soul for these girls, no matter what. I savored every second I had with them, nervous it would all end tomorrow like so many other friendships had.

It has been seven and a half weeks since I have met these truly remarkable girls and I have finally realized what it feels like to love and be loved in return. I finally understand how it feels to be told “I love you” and believe it whole-heartedly.

I have so much more life to live with so many more wonderful people to fall in love with, and I know I will enjoy every minute of it, because I believe.

I believe, now, all I can do is keep breathing.