This I Believe

Jesus Alejandro - 28017, Mexico
Entered on November 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: prejudice


Have you ever had a great idea, that people stop listening because of some external cause? Maybe they’re prejudging you.

The word prejudge sounds like some kind of racism, or something you won’t like to admit that happened to you. The truth is that, the word prejudge means, to think something because of someone’s historical context or other background, which I think is bad, because someone how had made a mistake in the past may have got over it, and maybe he has find a solution to his own mistake.

People who think prejudging is out of their lives, or that think that they have never been victims of it, may be wrong, because prejudges can be find anywhere, like once I borrowed a cousin’s play station game, and unfortunately, I lost it, so now, he prejudge me, thinking that I’m still careless, so he doesn’t lend me games anymore, unless I give him one of mines as warranty.

For example sometimes parents prejudge their kids, they don’t listen to their suggestions, or they, just pretend that they did. This way, some of the important ideas the kids want to share are lost. Another example happens in our generation, the other groups thinks that the “multis” are the most smart from the generation, but still some of us have the lowest grades

Statistics show that the prejudging attitudes are formed in the kids around six years old. This could be happening, because of the role the parents take, and the way the kids imitate them, if a parent prejudge his little kid, he would learn to prejudge.

I believe that when we prejudge, we stop listening, and sometimes they may be good ideas. For example, the Mexican guy who invented the color t.v., and presented his invention here in México, but people told him that that was never going to work, so he taked his invention to America, where he finally got to be listened.

You see, great ideas are lost because we stop listening.