This I Believe

Joshua - North Hampton, New Hampshire
Entered on November 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

Living In The Moment

Life is something that only happens once. In order to live life to the fullest I must seize the opportunities and events that happen, before they pass me by. I believe in, “living in the moment”.

Everyday something happens in my life that I need to be involved in. If the Mobil station down the street is selling some Mountain Dew Game Fuel for a limited time, I want to enjoy this glorious drink before it’s gone. When there’s a fight at school I want to be able to witness it firsthand. If a great new video game comes out then I want to be one of the first people in line to obtain and get the full effect of it. These things occur once in a lifetime and if I wait to long then they will pass me by. I cant stand for such a glorious occasion to blow right past me before I even know what has happened. One occasion in particular is when my mom made some brownies for her friends Birthday.

It was another beautiful Sunday, and I was enjoying it from the great view of my T.V., from my couch. If I recall correctly, I was watching some Ninja Warrior. Normally nothing can break my concentration from this show since it is so extreme, watching Ninjas try and complete insane tasks in a certain amount of time, but the aroma from something delicious in the room next door caught my attention. I rose to my feet and followed the scent to the Kitchen, where I found some unprotected, succulent treats lying on the counter. I remembered my mom saying something about making a dessert for a friends Birthday, but I put that aside and let my love of the moment take control. As I gracefully walked from the entrance of the kitchen to the counter the smell grew stronger and stronger. It seemed as though it enveloped my entire body. The next thing I knew I was sitting on the couch with this plate of freshly made brownies. I wolfed them down so fast I became sick in the stomach. About ten minutes later my mom called from the kitchen, she asked where the brownies she had just cooked had gone. I told her how I ate the little darlings and she blew a fuse. After the yelling about how important those brownies were and how much precision and care was put into the making of them, I was severely punished. I lost all computer and T.V. privilege and was forced into making a new batch. When I look back at this moment in time I realize how it was worth it. No matter the price I just could not let those brownies slip right on past me.

Life is a precious thing and I believe that everyone should live it to it’s fullest. That means you have to listen to your first thoughts and impressions. You may never be given the chance to do things over again all of the time. That is why I believe in “Living in the Moment”.