This I Believe

Roberrt - Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Entered on November 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in many things. One thing I believe in is if you do your best and try your hardest you will succeed. I believe that this is one of the most important assets to live by. My mom is a he impact on my life. She has very many phrases that help me do my best. One of the phrases that impact my life is “good things happen to good hard working people.” I believe that this means if you work hard and do your best good things will happen to you. I think that it is important to work hard and play hard. If all you do is work hard you will have a social life and will be missing a part of modern day society. If all you do is play hard you will miss the discipline and control. Discipline is essential to life. If you can discipline yourself, well for me it would be to finish that last piece of homework or not rush it so that I can get better grades. If I can get better grades that means I can go to better colleges and have a better career for myself. Another great phrase that my mom told me is friendship is a key point to success. When I was in the fourth grade I had to sing a song with my music class called friends are like diamonds. To this day I can remember the first couple of lyrics to the song. It went” friends are like diamonds friends are like gold, cherish them always and they will never get old. This tells me that if I am nice to anyone and cherish their friendship and am as nice of a kid to my friends then I will always have their respect and friendship. A huge point of mine is respect. I do my best to get the most respect out of my piers. I love to have friends.

Over all to me respect, friendship, working hard, and you must have a balance of social and working mentality to succeed in our lifetime, community and era.