This I Believe

Emily - Montevideo, Minnesota
Entered on November 1, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: death, love

There will never be enough times to see your smile. There will never be enough kisses. Life will never be long enough to have my fill of you. I will always want more. I will always wish for one more kiss, one more moment of sweetness. If you are gone from me now, or 50 years from now, I will still wish we had one more day, one more smile, one more night. I will ache for your voice when it is gone. That will always be true. No amount of time is enough for me and you. Here is what I know: The people we love are connected to us with ribbons of light that are not dependent on time or space. The giving and receiving of love between me and my children, my husband, my sister, my friends and family, here and beyond, will continue uninterrupted as long as our love for one another endures. I know this now. Know that when I think of the ones I love I can feel their hearts beating, can see the light that surrounds them, can bless them with a prayer. This is what I believe.