This I Believe

Teirna - Kenosha, Wisconsin
Entered on November 1, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love

I Believe Love is Like Skydiving I’m often questioned by my friends and family on how I can be a singlewoman, almost 40-years old, and have never been in love. Not even close tohaving ever thought I were in love. It’s hard for them to understand, andeven worrisome for some to accept. I’ve tried to explain that it’sdifficult to miss something you’ve never really had. Of course I alwaysthought I would fall in love, but somehow it just never happened. Overtime, having never felt that romantic bond, it’s just not become a part ofmy life. Well… except that it’s the subject of everything around me. Ithink society has distorted romantic love into some expected human rightrather than the unique spiritual connection that it should be. So I’vetried to relate it to family and friends this way: Love is like Skydiving. Skydiving is exciting, and sounds scary. It’s something that people eitherhave passion for, or hate. Some try it and it’s a life-long obsession.Others do it once and it scars them for life. Some leap from that planewith gusto, but others freeze at the door, and never take the plunge. Itcan be exhilarating and joyful, but it can also be painful and even deadlyif it goes badly. So just imagine being the person you are now, but theworld has a different paradigm. Imagine every time you hear a song, orread a book, or watch a film….it is about skydiving. Maybe it isn’texclusively the main theme, but there is always an element of skydivingincluded. Everyone you know is a skydiver. Most personal conversationsrevolve around skydiving in one way or another. Maybe friends talk oftheir skydiving fears, or troubles, or joys. Maybe you would then search tofind that right fit of instructor and club, and jump in. Maybe you wouldbe too afraid to even begin. Maybe it would just never be something thatyou had enough passion for, to get around to doing. Or maybe… you justnever find the right set up… the right instructor… the right time. Itwould probably be something you thought about, even without needing to, butwould you really MISS it? Or, would you go about your life, and learn toenjoy what you already have? For me, it’s my love of life that is the basic human right. So, I know itseems absurd, trying to compare romance and love with an extreme hobby, butthis I believe… love is like sky diving.