This I Believe

Travis - Valleyford, Washington
Entered on November 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Travis Hollen


What I Believe In

I was always told that if you work hard in life you will be very successful. My dad owns his own construction company so he really knows the meaning of hard work. For the past couple of years my dad has had me helping him with his business, so he can teach me how to run it one day, but also to teach me a little bit about what hard work is and what it means. I have a pretty good perception of what hard work is but in order to eventually take over My Dads Company I need to really know what it’s like so I don’t get overwhelmed when it comes time. My dad wants me to be ready at any time so when he steps down I don’t run a multimillion dollar company into the ground.

Hard work has not always come easy for me. When I was younger, I would not want to work but my dad would always tell me that I was going to work, that I had no choice. Eventually, the work would become habitual and second nature for me. To today to work my butt off is no hard task.

The hard work comes from way back in my family roots. My great grandpa was one of the men who helped build the Grand Coulee Dam, and the huge railroad bridge in Metaline Falls ID. At the age of 72 my grandpa, who is still a very hard worker to this day. He drove culvert truck for NW Culvert for 42 years. Now he is retired and lives in Seven Bays, on Lake Roosevelt, but still drives grain truck for a farmer down their during Harvest.

All-in-all, I have gone from not wanting to work at all, to working all the time with hesitation. I give all credit to my grandfather and father for making me such a hard worker and a great human being.