This I Believe

daniel - spokane, Washington
Entered on November 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: death, family

What I believe is that grief is a powerful tool. Because it makes us stronger emotionally, it also makes us stronger physically. Because with grief we also; deal with our emotions and how to tell the onset of these emotions. We also learn how to get through them and accept them. We become better people because of this; we accept them and express them because we know how to do this. I learned this in 1994.

It was a hot summer day and mom and dad put me in charge. My younger brother Joe and I went to the stream, we ran and jump in the shallow end. For some reason my younger brother Joe went towards the deep end of the stream. He walked on the sand bar and it gave way and sucked him under. I noticed that he was missing and began to look for him and could not find him.

I looked under water and still could not find him. Someone in the house above the stream heard us laughing and playing and ran down to see what was going on. I told them about Joe; so she took my paddle board and felt around and found him, by that time he had been under for 10 min. someone else dived in after him and pulled him to the opposite shore.

By the time the ambulance got to the stream they tried everything but it did not work. They took him to the local hospital but they did not have the equipment to see if his brain was still alive; at first someone told my mom it was me. Then she met me at the hospital I told her it was Joe she was sad. They took him by life flight to a hospital in Sacramento they told us he would not live three days but he did.

Joe lived six and a half months in a non recuperative coma; we took him home from the hospital and we had a bed there and air tanks. We had hospice come by and help us with him and a doctor to check on him. He passed one night I told mom she called the doctor and we cremated him because that’s what he wanted.

I was there when he drowned and slept next to him until he died. Through grief and strong family ties we made it. We had a wake for him; and the whole town showed up that made us happy. It also made us stronger through grief and family ties.