Strength of a Child

Santos - fennville, Michigan
Entered on November 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, illness, love

It’s amazing how strong a child is. One child can endure so much pain and yet still push forward. Not only push forward, but also grow stronger. No matter how challenging the next obstacle may seem; the young heart of a child always overcomes. My daughter Melody is perfect example of such a child overcoming adversity and continuing to grow above any circumstance. Her circumstance being Moebius Syndrome which is an extremely rare birth defect that disables my child from eye control and facial expressions (like smiling) among other things.

She’s had over 100 hospital visits before the age of four and that is no exaggeration. Even now when she goes to the hospital she is light hearted and in a joyful state despite the fact that her memories remind her of the painful events that have taken place there. Memories that will no doubt recall the unpleasant surgeries on her hand, on her stomach, on her ankles, on her throat, and most recently on her jaw, which needless to say left her face black and blue and swelled up with pain. Yet Melody stays so cheerful in her everyday activities that you would never guess she has went through such trouble. What is it that gives Melody such strength?

I admire my child’s strength, as I cannot begin to imagine going through half of the pain that Melody has had to endure. With that, I’m inspired to overcome whatever life decides to test me with, as my struggles are nothing more than petty, when compared to what my child has gone through. I look to Melody’s strength as inspiration to hold my own and prevent myself from giving up when I’m on the verge of losing it. As much as I lean on my child for the virtues of courage and strength I can only hope that she can rely on me for the same. It really is amazing how strong a child can rebound in any given situation; it’s that strength, that at times, creates the illusion of a miracle.

Where does a child get such strength to survive? I believe it’s from love. Everyone in Melody’s family has shown an uncanny amount of love and I believe that has proven to be the foundation of Melody’s strength. From holding her small hand while she lay exhausted on the bed after a surgery, to simply praying for the best; love has been there for my little girl their since the beginning. As a father, I always wish I could do more for her, even when all she needs from me is love. Love for Melody has given her the strength to overcome adversity and that strength has become inspirational to many. Yes, Melody is strong and will continue to be strong, as the love for her will always be powerful.