This I Believe

Katherine - 55446, Minnesota
Entered on October 31, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe in bike rides. I believe in cycling around pointlessly for hours, lost in my own thoughts . I believe in nearly starting a car wreck because my mind is no longer focused on my surroundings, but on something else. I believe in thinking. Thinking of everything and anything in a world where most people don’t have to have time to just think. I have come to love my daily escape from reality where I can be in the future, the past, or in a world of my own creation. I can think about what I want to be, or who I want to be, or who I am. I believe in being solitary for long periods of time, and in ignoring the normal stresses of my daily life for an hour. I believe in the pure enjoyment I get from being alone and getting to know myself. I believe in the inspiration I get from observing the world as I cycle past it. I believe in the delight of feeling brisk air on my face, and watching my un-gloved knuckles turn red on the handle bars. The delight of feeling conscious, and alive, and sore, and aching. I am sure that this and the soft whirring of the tires I hear, is therapeutic. I believe in having a time where my mind is not bombarded by the ideas and thoughts of other people, where their views are not forced on me, and where I can question the views and ideas I have. I believe in being truly able to make my own choices. Meaning, being able to make choices not by my parents, peers and family’s ideas, but by what I think is right. I need this time where I can decide what I want, what I am passionate about, and what is wrong. I believe in deciding what I believe by myself. My many unanswered questions can be solved by my many bike rides. I believe in the purity of bike rides, of leaving corruption behind and forbidding the world to trespass my mind’s sanctuary. I trust and dream in this time of complete purity, and, in it, I can grow and become a better person. I believe it is completely necessary for every person to take time to think, and that not enough people do. If people actually took a minute to think, the world would be a better place. I don’t think enough people question the motives of their actions, the sources of their beliefs, and the reasons behind their convictions. I believe more people need to take bike rides.