This I Believe

Thaddeus - 22803, Virginia
Entered on October 31, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I grew up worshiping in the Nazarene church. I even decided to answer a call that God had put on my life for full time ministry. The problem that I ran into was that while I was a born again believer, I wasn’t totally grounded in my faith. I was told that there was a second work of grace, but I had never experienced it. I was called by God to serve him in ministry when I was a junior in High School. When I graduated High School I enrolled at Circleville Bible College in Circleville, Ohio. I was ready to save the world. The problem was I was still battling sin in my own life. How was I supposed to help someone free themselves from he bondage of sin when I couldn’t do it myself. The first real problem that I ran into at college I crumbled and ran away from God. I quit school and started living my own way.

I spent several years apart from God, but after deciding to rededicate myself I wasn’t sure that I was comfortable moving back into the Nazarene church. I had some questions about a few things that I was taught while growing up. If God really wanted me to be sanctified why could I not experience it? I started shopping for a church. I tried a number but I couldn’t get comfortable with any of them. I started attending a Salvation Army church and I really liked it. After deciding to join as a soldier I began my membership classes. I soon discovered that The Salvation Army’s theology was almost exactly like the Nazarene churches. I discovered at that point that the beliefs of the Wesleyan – Armenian movement were what I believed, not just the church I had been brought up in. While I had not yet experienced a second work I knew that it was a fact. Jesus had said it and that it all I needed.

I stayed active in the church, but I continued my up and down spirituality. I didn’t have the power that I knew was available from God to fight against the sinful nature that was deep inside of me. I continued to seek God’s second work without success. I was invited to attend the Salvation Army’s Bible Conference in Northern North Carolina. I was very busy and I had just gotten married, but I agreed to go. The first few days of the conference were good, but nothing spectacular. I then listened to Commissioner Kay Rader give her testimony of the time when she was sanctified. I was shaken. God had confirmed in my heart that I was going to be changed that day. I went back to the house and in the privacy of my room I went to prayer earnestly seeking God. I laid my heart out before God and he cleansed it for me again, but this time he scrubbed out everything but love. In an un-air-conditioned room in the mountains of North Carolina God filled me completely with his love, I was sanctified entirely.