“I Believe Speech”

Amanda - livonia, Michigan
Entered on October 31, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everybody should treat each day like it’s their last. You never know when something tragic is going to happen. Things happen everyday starting from car accidents to finding out that you have an incurable disease, like cancer. It takes things like that to realize that you could die at any moment in your life by many different things. I had a family member who had to learn that the hard way, my grandma.

It wasn’t until my grandma got cancer for my family and me to realize it. It was July 23, 1999 when my grandma got cancer. It was also July 23, 1999 for us to realize how important everyday of our lives really are. Ever since my grandma got cancer she realized how important life was and how she should act everyday that passes by. Before she got sick she did not get along well with my mom. It took for her to get deadly ill for them to finally realize how much they mean to each other. Ever since she was diagnosed with cancer she had spent more time with us all and she stopped fighting with my mom. While my grandma was alive she taught us how we should plan our actions and she helped us get more involved with our church. She would always tell us that if we have a religion, what ever it may be, our lives should revolve around our holey book, which was in our case the bible. She always said do what ever we like as long as it follows gods plan for us.

She loved to showed how to live each day like it was your last through things like taking us to restaurants that you could only afford to go to ounce like some high class big restaurants that you had to be formally dressed to eat at, like the restaurant inside the Grand Hotel. She loved to also do things where you could see things that many people never see as long as they live and if they have they will probably only see it ounce. Things like going to Kensington to see moose and going to places like Disney world where you can only afford to go ounce. She showed us that everyday you live has to involve at least one thing to remember it by to make it special and that if we miss a day than we should make the next one have at least two special things in it.

She taught us so much that now we want to teach everyone else the same. But the main thing that we will never forget is the fact that we could pass at any moment. That we should make each day special and treat it like it is our last!

by Amanda S.