This I Believe

Brett - Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Entered on October 31, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everyone should be given the same chance to do things in life. Some people are not capable of playing sports or going to school because of disabilities or their family situation. My belief is that everyone should be given the same chance to do what he or she wants. This was formed back in 4th grade when I helped out kids with disabilities at my elementary school.

It was hard to sit there and try to help them learn, when you know the condition they are in is where they’re going to be the rest of their life. He didn’t know how to type, so the school had setup a system that keys in what you say into a microphone. Even though they had a good system to help him type and play on the computer, he struggled with his speech and most the time the computer couldn’t pick up his voice. Therefore he would get really frustrated and quite what he was doing.

As I have gotten older I have seen more cases of where people are limited to what they do and aren’t given the chance they want to do what they’ve always wanted to. It is good to see that we are developing more ways to help out people with disabilities. I recently saw a hockey game that was played on sleds; it is now a special Olympic sport. They are coming out with more and more ways to develop opportunities to give them opportunities.

Through out life I have realized that there are ways for them to compete in sports and become just a knowledgeable as anyone else, it just takes them more time. I know there are different ways for them to adapt to the world under their living condition, we just have to help find new ways for them to receive the same chances we get. It is our job to know there difficulties and to help them feel just like anyone wells and offer the same opportunities as anyone else gets.