I Believe in Beaches

Maureen - Harbor Springs, Michigan
Entered on October 31, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in the beach. Not just any old beach, but a beach that allows me to forget all that I leave behind when I arrive. I believe in a beach that lets me become a whole different person than the day-to-day person who has a schedule. I want to disregard the schedule, forget that there is somewhere to go, something that needs attending to. I want to enjoy myself, take pleasure in my family and just exist for the sole purpose of enjoying everything the beach offers.

I love the beach in the early morning before a single soul sets their footprints before mine. I love to throw on shorts and a sweatshirt, slide my feet into my flip-flops, hold a warm cup of coffee in my two hands and walk solitarily along the beach. I like to be at the beach when the sun has yet to peak up from the horizon and the sky is at a very pale pink and yellow. I like to watch the sun push up from the water, becoming a great, glowing orange and yellow globe, painting the sky with many dazzling colors and the water still has mist hugging its edge.

I love the beach and all the treasures that can be found there. I love the rocks and pebbles that have beautiful color to them when they are wet from the waves, the beach glass that I have become obsessed with finding. Many white, green and brown pieces I have found, but only on rare occasions do I find blue, but when I do I know my search has some merit behind it. I know that it can be found and that there is hope in finding more!

When my children arrive at the beach with me, watching them march and stomp over the waves to avoid the first cold, wet shock of the water is a wonder to watch. Even more, seeing them glide underneath the waves and splashing up for air, yelling to me, “Come on in Mom, the waters great!” Then I join them and we play all the water games we can think of, Marco Polo, dolphin family and “watch me”. Playing in the water together until our lips are blue, our skin on our hands and feet shriveled and puckered. We slip out of the water onto the sand and our towels, digging into the coolers to grab something cold to drink and something delicious to crunch on before we take our siesta in the sun. This is a moment to take pleasure in. When I feel the warmth of the sun penetrate my very skin, when the sun is so bright but the energy to move to retrieve my sunglasses that were tossed onto my beach chair is not there. I want to lay there forever and listen to the sounds the water is offering. I want to sleep for a while and wake up slowly. I want to start all over again.

I want to keep the world at bay until the sun has furnished us with enough warmth, energy and glow that will make it bearable to leave. I want to stay until the chill in the air requires the wearing of that sweatshirt I wore that morning. I want to watch quietly as the sun descends into the edge of the water, painting the sky with another work of beauty that we will talk about on the way home. I believe in beaches and everything they offer, for my family and for myself.