This I Believe

Tayler - Rexburg, Idaho
Entered on October 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe in little sisters.

I have two. I love them. The little one won my heart today. She’s two, but when she holds her fingers up to show me her age, it sometimes looks like three. Being a two year old it’s expected of her to be terrible, but she’s not. She’s sweet. Her full head of baby hair turned blond when she turned one, and it’s long and flowing, almost white now. She talks to grown ups and only gets shy right before she starts to show off her dress, her hair, a somersault, or her new kitty. I love her.

I’ve grown up so to speak. I live away from home. I am at college now. I called home today after classes to inform my mom about my Friday football game. They’re coming down to watch and bringing the whole family. My family isn’t small, in all seven children. I fall in at number two and am nineteen years older than this little sister of mine.

While talking to my mom, she told me about my sister’s new kitty. She’s growing up real fast, especially since I don’t see her very often. I asked if I could speak with her, and Mom gladly consented. Parents seem to especially love it when their children bond. “Hi, Brooke,” I said. “How are you?”

“Good,” she replied, stretching out the long ‘o’ sound. My heart smiled inside. Then, what followed was about three minutes of confusion. Her words were foreign to me. Finally, miraculously, her speech cleared, and I heard her say “I’ve got a surprise for you, Tay.” The ‘r’ sounds surround the ‘p’ sound blending into a ‘w.’ My heart proceeded to melt, especially when my Mom got back on the phone and explained how little sis had been holding the phone backwards until that last phrase. I knew she could talk clearer than she sounded.

Mom proceeded to share with me all the cute and funny things that my little sister did this past week. She’s got a hold on my mom’s heart, too, I think. I laughed out loud and didn’t worry that I was on the campus quad, people all around me. I laughed until tears came, but I don’t think they were from laughing. I felt warm and good and happy, and tasted for a moment what life means to me.

Life is about family, about my little sister and the love I feel for her. It’s about my Mom. She loves her more than I do. This love gives me hope. Though the future is uncertain, I know this love will only get stronger, and that I one day can love like my mom does. Because of this, I believe in daughters too. I believe in family.