This I Believe

Molly - Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Entered on October 30, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the people that are always there for me, through good times, and hardships, through break ups, and make ups, through laughs, and tears, victories and lose. I believe in friends. Friends are the people I can tell a secret to, and don’t have to second guess because I know that my secret is safe with them. A friend is someone I turn to when I need help in school, family problems, social, or mental problems. A friend is a person who won’t laugh at me, but will always have my back.

To me a friend is a fashion critic, tutor, sister/brother, teammate, number one fan, guardian angel, therapist, companion, storyteller, secret keeper, and most importantly the one I can always rely on. A friend is someone that won’t judge me, but will pick me up when I fall.

A true friend will go out of there way to make my day easier. They remember the little important things like my birthday, or other important days out of the year. A friend will defend me when they hear any negative remarks about me. And will always keep my best interests in mind. A friend will always include me with there weekend plans, and will never leave me out of anything.

A friend is someone that has the same interests as me, and shares the same quality. A good friend is someone that knows so much about me and is able to finish my sentences. A friend is someone that will make me a get well card when I am sick and will always miss me when I am gone. A friend is someone that cares more about me then they do themselves, and look out for my wellbeing.

A friend is someone who will be with you for the rest of your life. No matter where your life takes you, or where you live. If you are successful or poor, rich or famous, young or old, married or sick. A friend is the one following me every step of the way and supporting me. They are the one’s that want me to succeed and enjoy my life. I believe that a friend is the one who knows the true song in your heart, and is willing to play it back when you forgot the words.