This I Believe

kellie - boyne falls, Michigan
Entered on October 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I believe in loyalty. There are very different ways to view the word. Loyalty is experienced in our lives with our family, friends and our lovers. What has made me to believe in loyalty so much are my own personal life experiences.

I have many good friends and few how I could count on no matter what. The way I would define a true friend is someone who would be there any time I call whatever the case would be. The most loyal friend of mine who has been in my life since like 2nd grade is Annie. Lets say that I got into a fight with Ben and I needed her to come over so I could have someone to talk to about it. Instead of making up stories saying she wished she could but she cant and continue to hang out with her boyfriend, she would drop what she was doing (unless her dog was dying or something) and she would come over. When this situation happens in someone’s life it just lets you know who your real friends are.

Loyalty and love are almost one in the same. They have their differences but the qualities are similar. I would expect my significant other to be willing to do anything for me without being too over the edge. When it comes down to being loyal with Ben, he totally takes control of the situation while being mature and understanding. Like when he goes out with his buddies and they are looking for a Friday night hook up at a party, hehjdoesn’t fall into that peer pressure and stays loyal to me. I place a huge emphasis on loyalty in a boyfriend. I consider myself very fortunate to have found it.

After writing this I never thought how much loyalty was a part of my life. A realization has come to me. Without having loyal people in life there wouldn’t be love, trust, or happiness. Only a world filled full of despair and depression. A few may not agree with how I feel but that’s what this world needs in my opinion. More people need to stand up and say how they feel about what’s going on around them. There is too much distrust in all of society nowadays. More loyal people equ