This I Believe

David - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on October 30, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: family, place

I believe in life it is absolutely necessary to have a place called the nest and look after it. Ok a nest if you’re a bird and home if you’re a human. This hit me instantly on the head after seeing the falls on a beautiful summer day in Sioux Falls, SD. Far from home I was out walking around from my temporary nest of the night called the Holiday Inn, but hey I was Downtown Sioux Falls you know. After walking down 8th street after being intrigued from by a barber sleeping in his chair waiting for the next customer I saw a train crossing my path. I saw 5 train engines connected and thought oh boy this is going to be a long waste of my time while I wait for this train of one hundred plus cars. Boy was I wrong. It gave me an belief I will never forgot again. I will tell you about that in a minute. In the meantime just imagine the rhythmic sound of the crossing gate bell and the ground vibrating from the weight of the train crossing.

Ok the belief. As I looked as the train cars go by I saw a birds nest lodged perfectly in a crevice of a train car. I thought how sad that there could be eggs in that nest by themselves. How about the parents somewhere in a Midwestern rail yard wondering where the nest went. The train was going south. Where would they hatch? At what speed? Who would be there to feed them? Birds weren’t born to lay eggs in the Midwest to have them shipped off to Texas. The birds are much different in Texas.

Then it hit me that my own nest, (home) is not much better off. In the blink of an eye I realized that my nest might as well be the nest I had just seen because of constant traveling that goes on between my wife and I. We are gone and nobody is home to watch the nest very often. What if we had baby’s at home? This made me think how long our we going to abandon our nest this often. Who is going to watch the nest if there are baby’s? Well just recently I broke down in tears telling my wife the “nest” story and the “nest” story now shapes our decisions towards creating a nest that we can care after. It is absolutely necessary to have a place called the nest and to take care of it and this I believe.