This I Believe

Iraj - Carthage, Texas
Entered on October 30, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe that everywhere you go, people are similar more than they are different. As my late mother said and, as it was said to her, “everywhere you go, the sky is blue.”

I believe that all nations have enough heroes and enough martyrs and that there are few causes worthy to die for.

I believe that all countries have too many corrupted politicians who are more similar than they are different and that with the help of competent translators, leaders can resolve their differences over a cup of coffee or tea.

I believe that when it comes to the view on “war on Iraq” and its economic impact, civil liberties, human rights torture, and their balance against national security, everything I hear now is a faithful translation of what I heard in Farsi when I had more passion and perhaps less wisdom.

I believe that there is a shortage of talented and caring doctors, scientists and engineers which is as global as our global economy.

I believe that “as a doctor, you can work in a small town across the globe and do o.k. knowing that you’re always on the right side, regardless of anything else”. I remember this from my father who was as good a prophet as my mother and this I believe.