This I believe

zev - minneapolis, Minnesota
Entered on October 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The world is full of racism and prejudice. Racism has become so deeply ingrained in our cultures that many of us don’t even notice it any more. If someone (even a black person) sees a black person walking down the street wearing a jersey and sagging pants, they think of him as a stereotypical “gangster” black person and because of all the things they see on TV, a person, might even be a little scared of them. Then later that same day, they go and meet a friend who is also black, but he doesn’t wear saggy pants or talk slang; in fact, he’s one of the nicest, most intelligent people they know but when they think about them being black they think of them as being an exception, that there simply not like most black people or better than most. I believe that race is an illusion created so many thousands of years ago that it’s become a huge part of all human cultures and how they deal with one another. Growing up as a half black and half Jewish, person I never thought of myself as really black only halve but in America, where many old prejudices from the slave days still exist, I’m only thought of as black but 5000 years ago in Egypt a half white person was considered white which is just an example of how meaningless and insignificant these racial profiles truly are. Racial profiling is a serious problem and as I explained earlier the word or even the thought of an exception is a horrible disease that keeps being passed down from generation to generation. I truly believe that the word exception is one of the worst words people can think or say. The human brain works in patterns so when we see something a few times, we automatically lock into the mindset that this is how it always is, so when we see something that doesn’t fit these self imposed guidelines, we automatically label it an exception and then this allows us to keep bigotries about others by always saying, “Oh, well he’s an exception to the rule, or he’s just better than most,” It is this kind of thinking that keeps the world divided by imaginary racial barriers, and until we come to accept this and understand it, we will all be forever divided.