This I Believe

Rachelle - Jenison, Michigan
Entered on October 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, gratitude

Rachelle Halliday

This I believe

I may not have a PhD, live in Malibu or own the Christian Loubutan heels that literally make me drool however I do have something that makes me happy, secure, and I can always count on. As cheesy as it may be, I have a family and this I believe is the most important thing in the world to have. A family can be friends, coworkers, or anyone you hold close to your heart. In my case it is my parents and siblings. I believe my family is the greatest thing I have. A family is great for three reasons, they can provide strength, they can make you feel important and they can shape who you are.

The first reason I believe my family is the greatest thing I have is the fact that they have provided strength. My mother has picked my up off the floor after a break-up. My father has taught me to overcome my fears after dodging death. The entire family has helped me better myself after questioning my entire existence. My family has always been there to pick me up and also bring me down when needed. Whether it was a simple talk or a boquet of flowers they seem to know what I need and when I need it. There are times when I want to strangle a family member, but no matter how hard it may be to deal with them they have always been there to support me and keep me going.

The next reason my family is the greatest thing I have is they make me feel important. I am considered on one the goofballs of the family and the fact that I can make them laugh is such a blessing. I really feel good about myself when I can make one of them smile. I too have been there for my family on so many difficult occasions, but knowing that I am there to help them in one way shape or form really makes me feel needed and loved.

Finally my family is the greatest thing I have because they have shaped who I am. I am proud of what I have become and where I am going in life. My family has shaped who I am by supporting what I do and the decisions I have made. They are there to challenge me as well as help me overcome challenges. They really have let me choose my own path, but they have also provided forks in the road when I needed it.

When it is all said and done I believe my family is the greatest thing I have because they have provided strength, made me feel important and shaped who I am. I pray that everyone if not now, one day have the blessing I have with my family. I know how much they mean to me when I can be around any of them and realize there is no place I rather be.