This I Believe

Anastazia - St.Paul, Minnesota
Entered on October 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

A few years ago I learned how to control my anger. I’d always get upset over the littlest things and I couldn’t stand it when I didn’t get my way. I never actually acted out on it, I’d go somewhere by myself and just think about what was going on because I know if I was still around people I might end up saying something that would hurt them. The way I relieved my stress was by writing it out. I feel as if my pen empowers me to write whatever I want and to express my thoughts about anything without having to fear the judgment of others. You can kind of compare my writing of poetry to a pen, for example: as the words flows from the endless river of ink my mind goes deeper into that river to see what is left behind. What I find is a window of opportunity waiting

for me to share my thoughts and to express my feelings. And that is what I love about poetry, you can make any object or living thing into a poem or make it sound poetic no matter how ridiculous it may seem.

Writing poetry is the biggest stress reliever to me. When I am angry or if I have a lot of

things I need to get off of my chest, I write. Most of the time I just write about what going on in the world today or I write about what is going on with me. Like the war that’s going on right now or the major changes that’s happening in my life right now. I believe I can express myself better when I write rather than saying it aloud. Most of the time I’m shy about sharing my poetry, because I am afraid of the criticism I might receive from my work. It’s almost like no one can actually can get away and go about their

business without someone else trying to criticize them or what they believe in, and as for me, I believe in poetry.

To me poetry is a big picture frame waiting to be uncovered but it is expressed through words. In realty words can give a better image than a picture can, a picture is just a canvas of various colors expressing what the painters feeling at that moment. Writing can express what you’re feeling, tasting, seeing and even hearing right then, and it doesn’t even have to be written down poetically. It could be about random things that don’t have anything to do with each other but it still could make sense, just because it is your writing and no one can tell you if it’s the right way or not the wrong way. It is your belief to write what you want and how you feel so no one can change that or make a bad judgment about you.