This I Believe

Rachel - Davie, Florida
Entered on October 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

My cousin Laura and I were so close to each other. We went to the same school, shared holidays together, and made plans on the weekends. We would look back on memories from years ago and always joke about them. Laura and I are only one year apart from each other and we were so close, we were practically like sisters. A couple of years ago my aunt and uncle got divorced and it upset the whole family. Laura just recently moved to California, and I feel like I lost my best friend.

It’s not like Laura and I don’t ever speak anymore. We call all the time or write e-mails to each other. I still let her know what’s going on down here in Florida, and she informs me on the latest news out in California. We sometimes visit each other for different occasions, and when we do visit each other, we have the best times ever. We go to the beach, and parties, and laugh all night. I remember one afternoon, Laura and I went to the mall together and we were there for about five hours. We bought so many different outfits and went from store to store. We then went for a Japanese dinner and we still talk about how amazing the sushi was. I remember that day exactly and having the best time with her. There was this other time when she came to visit, we went to the beach really early in the morning and the last thing my mother had said to us was make sure you use sun lotion. We ended up falling asleep in the sun, and got really bad burns, but it didn’t even matter to us, we just laughed about the situation, even though we knew that my mother would be mad. Times likes these are so memorable, and I wish that we can relive those days all the time.

Laura and I don’t see each other on daily basis anymore, but it really isn’t as bad as we thought it would be. I speak to her constantly, and when we visit each other it’s even more exciting. I’m glad to know that we still have each other’s back even though there is a massive distance between Florida and California. All though we now live so far apart from each other, I believe that 3,000 miles can never tear our friendship apart.