This I Believe

Jhoana - minneapolis, Minnesota
Entered on October 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family


I know that money does not buy happiness. My mom always told me that money doesn’t make anybody happy. You can’t buy a true love with money. You can have everything that you want on your time. I also know a history from a friend about money and her family.

The history of my friend Anahi makes me sad. Because she does not talk about her family because her family does not have money. She has a sister and two brothers. She only lives with her mom because her dad is in jail. I got to know her in my grandmothers’ house. She used to go there all the time because she thought that my cousin and I had money so we were going to buy her things. I also got to know her sister Iveth. She is a good girl. She likes to talk about her family. I think that Iveth is happier than Anahi because she doesn’t have to hide anything and Anahi needs to be careful all the time so nobody gets to know her family or her history. She is careful by talking about her family. Anahi’s family always buys Iveth’s things because she does not say anything about the prices and Anahi always is looks for the best things. My mom always buys me the things that I want, but I never ask her to show me the price of the thing. I don’t really care about prices. I only care about health and love. If I see my family healthy that makes me happy. I had three brothers and no sisters. I live with my mom and my dad. I never hide them because I am proud of them.

The thing that changes in this time is that Anahi is realizing that is a bad thing to hide her family. My mom is trying to get to talk to her and make her realize that her family is before everything. I think that Iveth is also trying to talk to Anahi and make her realize that they are not mad with her but she had to change her attitude. This makes me think that anahi needs my help. Most of the time she gets mad when we talk to her about her family.

My experience with Anahi and Iveth is the worst experience that I had. I had been trying to help Anahi to talk to her family because I know she is feeling sorry for her. I told her that she is losing everything. Well almost all the time I had been with my family and with her family trying to get her in the right way. I had been talking to Iveth most of the time and she will try to get Anahi in the right way she also is trying to make her family think the same way of her and give Anahi another chance.

Anahi is trying to change her actitude and she talks to her mom already. Iveth is happy because she talks about her with her friends and she doesn’t get mad any more. Her two brothers are happy with her and they buy her some flowers and a perfume so she is seen everything that she was going to lose. My mom, grandma and me we are all happy because he made something good for them. Know Anahi is happy and she doesn’t lose time to be with her family.