This I Believe

Dennis - minneapolis, Minnesota
Entered on October 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I couldn’t believe it: I was at my job, Entertainment Works a store at

the Mall of America. I was there picking up my check, so I went to the safe

to get my check. I opened I it on my way out and saw that my check

was shorted about 120-something dollars and I got mad because I wanted

my money. I was mad because I had put in many hours and lots of hard

work to get that money, and it was deducted from my check it was just very


I believe that the government should stop taking so much taxes out of

our checks. The reason that I think that is because minimum wage is not

high enough. We work very hard and can’t get a decent pay, but we the us

citizens get a decent amount of money took from our checks.

Second, there are taxes on about everything in America so why do

they need to take so much taxes out of our check. Third, America is not a

cheap place to live in, so the money we work for we need to survive with.

We all know that the government need a little of our money for roads,

schools, government building, paying city workers but they do not need as

much as they take. I think that America is a extremely unfair place to live in!

I feel that the rich people meaning like the president and the

celebrities should have to be the main ones to give of a lot of money. The

reason I say that is because they all make millions of dollars a year.

I feel that they waste our tax money on things like building new

stadiums and things like that. Example; I was in Indiana this summer and

they have a very nice stadium, and it wasn’t just some ordinary regular

looking stadium it was amazing. I was shocked when I saw how nice it

looked. Then I looked to the stadium and I noticed another immense

building being build and I asked my aunt what is that building going to be

and she told me that they were building a new stadium. My first response

was “for

what”. Then I got really upset because I really favored the 1st stadium that

was already build. Then I thought that building that was a waste of money

because they already had a beautiful one.

I am seventeen years old and I don’t get my taxes back at the end of

the year so that’s another reason that I get upset about it. It feels like we

work so hard and most or a lot of it goes to the

government, so I think there should be some changes with taxation in

America. I feel everybody should get taxed but, the amount of tax should be