This I Believe

Schmitty - minneapolis, Minnesota
Entered on October 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Miracles do happen. They range from personal experiences to tragic community experiences. I’ve had a couple of life experiences. One was when I was about 5 years old. My family and I were going to my stepbrother’s apartment to swim in his private pool. My stepbrother, mom, step dad, stepsister, brother, and a couple of their friends were playing volleyball. My brother and I were sitting by the side of the pool watching them play, wishing that we could play with them.

We were playing tag around the pool, right after I tagged my brother. I started to run away. I tripped on a football. Once I got up I grabbed the football. it was soaking wet and was all torn up. Me and my brother started to play After a couple of throws he threw it over my head and it went into the deep end of the pool. My brother said “you missed it now you got to get it”. I didn’t know how to swim that well but I tried anyways. I jumped into the pool and my brother yelled, “Watch out for the sharks”. I was scared. Thinking there were sharks. I started to panic. I couldn’t swim, so I started to slowly get deeper seeing everybody’s shadow on the bottom of the pool, and they and deeper in the water. I was started to look like sharks. After a minute went by I was still at the bottom. My panic didn’t help me keep my breath. I got some water in my mouth. It did not taste good. It was the worst thing I have ever tasted it is indescribable how bad it was. But it kind of tasted like chicken. Finally, my step dad noticed that I was missing, and he looked at my brother and noticed he was crying, pointing in the water. He jumped in after me and pulled me out I was passed out so they started to do CPR and pumped my chest. Around a minute, later I woke up and felt like I just got out of the ring with Mohamed Ali. I realized it was a miracle that I was still alive after that. It felt like my family was closer and got along more often. I didn’t fight my brother as much. my mom didn’t argue with me or my brother as much. We did way more family things together, such as game night, movie night, and camping. It’s was really nice. When people have experienced miracles it usually brings them closer together and makes them appreciate what they got.