“I believe that true friendship is shown at the worst of times.

Jaime - Hollywood, Florida
Entered on October 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in friendship. It was February 18, 2002, a horrible that I will never forget and a

day that will change my life forever.

I awoke at my friend’s, Joel Benarroyo, house because we were supposed to go to his

cousins party together. The party started at around 5:00 pm with a lot of dancing and talking

about school. Then, at 6:30 pm I went outside to play in the little park they had in the backyard. I

got on see-saw with someone much heavier than I was. My friend Joel was next on the see-saw.

I believe that true friendship is shown at the worst of times. Then, in an instant I fell

forward like superman and hit the middle pole of the see-saw with my head. I didn’t know what

was going for a second. I removed my hand from my face and I saw red color all over my hand.

Joel jumped 2 floors down to warn the nearest parent that I was hurt badly. However, Joel

injured his ankle on the jump. I was sad and happy at the same time; happy that I knew I will

always have someone looking after me, but sad because it was my fault that he injured his ankle,

Friendship is something that does not come often and it is hard to find. I was in the

hospital for two weeks; however, those two weeks were something that I will never forget. I

remember seeing all of my friends coming in and out of the door with gifts and questions. It felt

nice being the center of attention, knowing that people care about you and willing to show it with


Joel came in too; I said to him that I was sorry his ankle got hurt. He said to me, “Tu

estabas mas herido que yo,” (you were more hurt than I was.) Another friend came in and said to

me that he will sleepover in the hospital room with me because I was lonely. My grandfather

made me laugh, he said, “Maybe breaking your head is a good thing, all your friend s come and

give you gifts.” Friends, family, having them there during my pain was amazing. I will always

know that I will have someone next to me when something bad happens, and I’ll be next to them.

When I came back to school, after three weeks, I got greeted by everyone; faculty and friends.

They were happy I was back; as was I.

I believe in friendship. I believe that friends and family are the most important people in

the world. I am lucky to have such wonderful friends that care about me, and I will never forget

all the things they did to me. Someday, I will repay the favor when they least expect it. Blah blah blah blah blah blah