Dogs Have All the Answers

Emily - Hollywood, Florida
Entered on October 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe more people should be like dogs.

That is not to say that humans should use the bathroom wherever theylike, chase cars, or scratch in public. Rather, humans should look todogs in the way they live day to day. A dog can’t wait for his familyto get home, loves to play a good game of fetch or tug-of-war everynow and then, and of course a dog knows the importance of a belly rub.

Take my nine-year-old standard poodle, Bob. My dog likes to find theabsolute most comfortable place and lie there for hours. If peoplecould find that comfort spot in anything they do, there would be nodiscomfort or anxiety.

Once, my mother was putting sheets on her bed when Bob came in, sawthe pillows in a pile, and took his spot amongst them. He knew it wascomfortable and went for it. Why do people sometimes sit where it’suncomfortable, if not just to be seen sitting there?

We joke and call Bob a “latch key dog” because we leave him homealone while we go to school and work. As soon as Bob hears the key inthe lock that night, he gets up from his chair or bed of choice andruns excitedly to see us again.

I know Bob knows when we’re leaving. When he sees us start to collectour things, he instantly looks worried or disappointed. I’ve been toldthat when a person leaves, a dog thinks they will never be back. Itmust be a nice surprise for Bob to see us come home each time.

People should learn to always enjoy loved ones because who knows whattomorrow will bring? I believe we should live in the now. A Broadwayshow called Rent offers the idea, “No day but today.” For people itsays to forget the past and not worry about the future, the onlyimportant thing is this moment, right now. Although a dog has noconcept of time and does not think of tomorrow or yesterday at all,it’s night to think about how happy he is, as opposed to constantlyworrying or regretting things.

My dog loves people unconditionally. He has no problem loving aperson based on how they look or act. He loves to make new friends,both canine and human, every day. That is an admirable trait inhumans.

Loving someone unconditionally is hard work for people. We see othersand make judgments automatically. A dog doesn’t notice things likerace, religion, or the beliefs of others.

With all these traits, I believe living more like my dog will make mea better person.