This I Believe

Dr - Yakima, Washington
Entered on October 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I don’t know what life would be like without fast food. The invention of cheap, greasy, and quickly made food has done more than fatten everybody up; it has become a social gathering where relationships are built.

Fast food can be a misleading name for these establishments. Even though they are “fast food” restaurants you can still order your meal and sit down inside and hang out with everyone. These places become more than places to eat, they become social gatherings. Without fast food our lives would be in shambles; no more quick easy meals to feed your family if you have no time to cook, no more social gatherings where you all can get some food for almost no money, and no more use for coupons that make cheap food nearly free. When I was younger, I loved to hang out with my friends. One of my favorite memories was when my friend and I would “exercise” by biking five miles to the nearest McDonalds where we would then eat dinner or just get some ice cream. By the time we would get there sweat would glisten down our faces and dampen our shirts. It was nice to just be able to sit inside in the air conditioned room on a hot summer day with a cold ice cream cone in your hand dripping vanilla or chocolate everywhere. When we were done we would bike back home. It isn’t the same if you just have someone over at your house eating ice cream, talking about life, but when you go to the fast food restaurant of your choice, every moment becomes a special one. Another time I was at a pizza party with my tennis team at the greatest pizza parlor in the world, also known as Pizza Hut. We had each paid ten dollars for unlimited pizza and pop. The whole team just talked and laughed as we ate pizza. The table was littered with crust that had so much grease on it it looked as if somebody dunked it in the ocean; cheese and pepperoni lay in our laps, on the floor, across the table, and on our faces. Some of us decided to make use of the “unlimited” pizza deal and have a pizza eating contest. It’s safe to say that in the end there was a team of sick tennis players, some of us eating as many as fourteen slices of pizza.

As a social gathering, the source of your income to buy that new car you’ve always wanted, to a restaurant that serves great food, fast food has changed life as we know it around the world.