This I Believe

Hsiao Ping - Chicago, Illinois Taiwan
Entered on October 28, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

People believe. Some believe in God, some believe in love, and some believe in money. I used to believe in what my parents believed. But after having few couple years experiences in life, I learned to believe in myself. I believe by following to my heart and I will never regret.

I remembered when I was a child, my parents always told me to study hard because they believed I would have a better life if I could accomplish a higher education. My parents didn’t have chance to take as much education as they want to because their parents couldn’t afford it. They had to work after they graduated from junior high school. Because of their education, they could only take the job that used their physical labor. I believed in them. I studied hard, I passed the College Entrance Examination and finally I got my bachelor’s degree. However, when they asked me to go further study, I started to hesitate.

I started wandering if this was the best way to get a better life. I didn’t mean that studying was useless, but somehow I felt there was an another way to get a better life. I thought a lot, and finally I chose to work. I told my parents my decision and I told them I would continue my studying if I thought I needed it. At that moment, I could feel their disappointment, but they didn’t show it. Instead, they told me that this was my decision, and I should never regret to it. This was the first time, I followed my heart to make my decision.

The job that I chose wasn’t always as good as what I thought, sometimes it was lousy and sometimes it was boring, however, I always reminded myself that I made the decision and I could find my way to deal with it. Gradually, I found the way and I learned the most important thing from my experiences. I learned that I should always be honest to myself and positive to every result I had with my decision.

Few months ago, I decided to resign from my position. My friends and my families were all surprised with my decision. However, I would never regret to it. Because I know I am chasing the better life by my own way. I believe in myself and I believe by following to my heart and I will never regret.