This I Believe

Ryan - Denver, Colorado
Entered on October 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Raid on West

I believe that fun is needed for a good education.

During final exams, just about everyone gets overstressed. Some students study like mad for two or three straight weeks just to take five two hour tests. Those people get home from school that day, do homework, and then instead of watching TV or eating dinner when it was ready, they go do extra work without taking a rest. I try and study as much as possible, but I can’t over work myself otherwise I get even less work done. I need a break during studying periods to keep my focus up. Most breaks I just hang outside, play some basketball, and ride my bike. Once during finals last year, instead of these usual stress relieving activities, I went on a little raid with some of my Cherry Creek friends. It was the last day of school for West middle school, and because we knew they would walk to Panera, we decided to ambush them. My friends filled up almost a hundred water balloons for our attack. After I had taken my test for the day and studied for a while, I got a call to walk down my street to the corner of Holly and Orchard. As the 7th and 8th graders walked by, we pelted them with water balloons and as long as no one was hurt, it was a great way to relieve some stress that had built up over the course of a few weeks. After our raid, I walked back to my house and studied hard again, but this time it was much easier to concentrate because I wasn’t stressing anymore.

Many times my dad has told me, “Work first, play later”, and “if you’ve been working for two or so hours, go ahead and take a break”. I always strive to work hard, and sometimes I work even harder just so I can get my well earned break. I know that very few people can work constantly for three or four hours without getting distracted or paying attention to activities besides work. I figure that as long as no work is getting done, one should play hard to make studying later even easier when that person is ready. It’s the realization that there is excitement to look forward to that will almost always help someone keep pushing for success.

Without fun, excitement, and sometimes even the thrill of breaking the rules, there is very little that keeps each day new and interesting for every person. With these components, school becomes a much more tolerable activity and I go everyday with a greater vigor for learning.