This I Believe

Brett - Wayzata, Minnesota
Entered on October 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity, love

This I believe I believe “once a cheater always a cheater.” This means that if someone cheats on someone they love when they are married or even going out they will be a cheater forever. It only takes one temptation for someone to mess up and ruin a relationship. When they do so, and cheat they cause pain for their loved one, themselves, and the person they were cheating on with. Most of the time when someone cheats, the person they are in a relationship with finds out. If they don’t care enough to break up with them, then they obviously don’t love that person enough or they don’t have enough self-respect. This relates to a story of one of my good friends Mary who has been dating this guy for two years now. We used to dance together and we were really close but now we don’t dance together and we rarely talk.

They seemed like they were really happy, but I only saw the surface. Underneath I later came to find out that her boyfriend cheated on her a lot. So much that he had lost count of how many girls he had cheated on her with. Since I wasn’t as close with her as I used to be it was hard for me to stand up and tell her that her boyfriend was cheating on her. Once I talked to Amy her good friend who was also my good friend she said that she told Mary that Ben was cheating on her all the time. When Mary would hear this she would cry and talk to Ben, and Ben would always deny doing it. Then Mary started losing trust in Amy because she thought Amy was trying to pull her and Ben apart.

I knew Ben cheated on Mary when I met him but we ended up talking and I asked him why he cheated on his girlfriend. He said “Well…because I can and she doesn’t really care, we’re in more of an “open relationship.”” In hearing this I told him it’s not right that he cheats on her and he should either break up with her or not cheat. He laughed at me when he heard this. The other horrible thing was that some girls he cheated on Mary with knew he had a girlfriend and that confused me as to why they would ruin someone else’s relationship for no reason. Also for the girls who didn’t know he had a girlfriend he would tell them that he didn’t have a girlfriend.

When they are together they make a great couple but really I think that she should respect herself enough to dump him because she knows he’s lying just to stay with her. She could do better and since he is hanging out with other girls all the time he’d be okay without her. I know that if he goes out with someone else in the future he will cheat on them too because that is what he knows and thinks is okay. I talked to my parents about this issue and they said, “If there was ever someone we liked more than our spouse we would get a divorce and then see them but never cheat on one another.” Many women and men usually leave their boyfriend or girlfriend after they find out that they cheated but for some reason there is a small percentage that doesn’t feel it necessary to leave. And in the end the people who cheat end up hurting themselves the most. So I believe that once a cheater always a cheater and they can never turn back and only love the one person they are with.