This I Believe

sam - dallas, Texas
Entered on October 28, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: pleasure

When our children were small..We were friends with a couple who were both Psychiatrists,,and as a salesman, I have always been asked “what have you sold today?”,,so I asked the shrinks in a humorish way “Who have you cured today?”,,,and their response suprised me because it went against everything I had ever thought about business and health..That is you have an end result. A conclusion,,etc…Well, the shrink’s reponse was “No one, because then I’d have to get a new client” I had never thought about this. He was right, in that his job was to listen to people and help them work through their problems,,and I guess none of us work through our psy problems, we just learn how to cope around them during our life…..and This led me to the other even the best Idea I have ever had regarding mental health..SKIPPING>>>That’s right just like a kid, Skipping along a few steps puts me and you and everyone into a happy mood. Two seconds of skipping can last the rest of the day..I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t smile and laugh after only a few steps of skipping..So, I urge you to try it out, any place, and any time….and remember we are here to enjoy life ,,,so skip a little…I will never expect this idea to catch on with the psy community because no one can make money from it and no drugs are involved and no mystery is involved either.